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About Us

Corporate Profile

Pipeway Industry Sdn. Bhd. (328720-x), recognized as one of Malaysia’s largest and most respected manufacturer and supplier of Submerged Arc Weld (SAW) and Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipe products, has become a national presence in the pipe and tube industry for the water transmission business segment.


Pipeway Industry Sdn. Bhd.’s commendable reputation for its integrity, reliability and quality that is due to its strict adherence to uncompromising manufacturing standards has earned the company a prominent position with all of the major steel pipes manufacturers in Malaysia.


Pipeway Industry Sdn. Bhd.’s steel pipes and manufacturing standards meet the requirements of major pipes specifications that include:

  • ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials)
  • AWWA (American Water Works Authority)
  • API (American Petroleum Institute Standard)
  • AS (Australia Standard)
  • BS (British Standards Specification)
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)


The company’s steel pipes are manufactured in ranges of 50 mm to 2500mm nominal diameter with lengths specified according to

SPAN TS 21827: PART2: 2013


Masses per unit length for welder and seamless steel pipes tubes for pressure purpose are:
SPAN TS 21827: PART1: 2013 steel pipe tubes for pressure purpose

SPAN TS 21827: PART1: 2013 steel pipes joints and specials for water and sewage and customer’s specification.


The grade of steel most commonly used by Pipeway Industry Sdn. Bhd. in the manufacture of steel pipes, fittings and accessories according to SPAN TS 21827: Part 2: 2013

  • L275 (410N/mm2) – 560N /mm2)